Betel plastic granule cleaning wastewater treatment equipment factory delivery


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Betel plastic granule cleaning wastewater treatment equipment factory delivery

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Betelplasticgranulecleaningwastewatertreatmentequipmentfactorydelivery Theplasticgranulecleaningwastewatertreatmentequipmentismainlyusedforthewashingofmineralwaterbottles,andthecleaningsewageofwastepl
Betel plastic granule cleaning wastewater treatment equipment factory delivery
The plastic granule cleaning wastewater treatment equipment is mainly used for the washing of mineral water bottles, and the cleaning sewage of waste plastic sheets, plastic woven bags and plastic bottles before plastic granulation is mostly suspended particulate pollutants, less dissolved substances, and need for cleaning plastics. Using a lot of clean water, the resulting sewage has the following characteristics:
1. Organic pollution: Waste plastics are mainly contacted or packaged with food, feed, and beverages.
2. PH value pollution: alkaline substances mainly added during the process of crushing and cleaning waste plastics.
3, suspended matter pollution: waste plastic agricultural film, shed film mainly contact or packaged chemical fiber dust, waste plastic particles.
4, grease pollution: waste plastic PET bottles mainly contact or packaged with grease substances.
For the cleaning and crushing process, there is only a high requirement for the suspended matter content in the water. The coagulation treatment process can be used to remove most of the suspended solids in the sewage, and then the sewage is reused in the production process to reduce the discharge of sewage. The discharged sewage can be mixed with domestic sewage to improve its biodegradability, and then discharged after biological treatment.
The technology of Bite's design of plastic granule cleaning sewage treatment equipment is as follows: (simple reuse of optional air flotation) using drug precipitation - air flotation - plate and frame filtration complete sewage treatment process waste plastic cleaning wastewater waste plastic granule raw materials It is polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylene. In the process of recycling and recycling waste plastics, the high-temperature alkaline washing process is adopted, and the alkali washing water is about 500 cubic meters per day. Due to the long-term recycling of the alkali washing water, the organic matter concentration is accumulated in a large amount, although 80% of the water is recycled, but still There is a part of high concentration alkali washing sewage efflux. In order to understand the water quality characteristics of the sewage to determine a reasonable and suitable treatment process, the sampled sewage was subjected to chemical analysis, biodegradability test and small sample determination after water sample plus drug treatment under laboratory conditions. Considering the recycling of the alkali washing water in the production process, we have determined the design of the sewage after the overall physical and chemical treatment, and part of the design of the biochemical treatment, which can save the total investment of the project and reduce the biochemical system load. The alkaline cooking stock discharged regularly is neutralized by acid addition and directly treated by the sludge drying system.
The results of water quality analysis show that the alkaline washing wastewater has complex composition and high concentration (accumulation factor), which is difficult to degrade organic matter, even after physical treatment, it is still very low. Under a simple aerobic treatment condition with long residence time, the molecular structure is difficult to be destroyed, and the half-life of biodegradation is very long. If applied to engineering, the investment is large and uneconomical.
A refractory organic substance means that the microorganism cannot be degraded or cannot degrade at a sufficiently fast rate under any environmental conditions to prevent it from accumulating in the environment. There are many reasons why organic matter cannot be degraded, but it can be roughly divided into two categories: toxic to microorganisms; stable chemical structure. In view of the complex characteristics of the alkali-washed sewage generated during the recycling process of waste plastics, pretreatment with physicochemical means to change the structure of biodegradable organic compounds, eliminate or reduce their toxicity, increase biodegradability, and design biodegradation routes. Developed microorganisms suitable for degradation and toxicity, and improved biochemical treatment processes and equipment, which is the key to the success of waste plastic caustic soda treatment. The cultivation of microbial bacteria capable of decomposing biodegradable organic matter by means of culture, modification, regulation, mutation and inoculation is one of the important ways to improve the current activated sludge process. The acclimated activated sludge can resist the inhibition of high concentration pollutants. effect.
In the initial stage of the process of plastic particle cleaning wastewater treatment equipment, the active anaerobic bacteria in the natural anaerobic tank is used for inoculation and cultivation, the water intake is controlled, the stage is increased, the biological phase is observed regularly, and the growth of the flora is known at any time. Water volume and aeration volume. In the whole project operation, the key to the treatment effect is whether the air flotation materialization treatment process is normal operation; the sewage removal mainly relies on aerobic biological treatment; the medicine and coagulation materialization treatment ensures the compliance of the water. Our company designed dosing and sedimentation - air flotation - plate and frame filtration complete sewage treatment process to treat waste plastic caustic soda sewage after more than one year of actual project operation, the entire treatment system is stable, the treatment effect is good, and the effluent quality indicators reach And better than the emission standards required by the design.