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Anhui Xinfa Food Co., Ltd.

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Anhui Xinfa Food Co., Ltd. is a large company engaged in primary and deep processing of aquatic foods.
Anhui Xinfa Food Co., Ltd. is a large company engaged in primary and deep processing of aquatic foods. In February 2004, its newly-built Seafood Industrial Park was put into use officially, located at Jihongtan, Hefei, with an annual processing capacity of aquatic food more than 15,000 tons. The leading products include frozen sashimi of pollocks, cods, salmons, red snappers and flatfish, as well as deep processing of various frozen and fried series, flavored salmon series and shrimps products over 30 varieties.
The sewage plant will treat sewage 1,500m3/day, mainly food wastewater. Water after treatment reaches Class A standard for Category II pollutants in General Standard for Emission of Water Pollutants into River Basin of Anhui Province (DB37/676-2007), and contains COD≤100mg/l, ammonia nitrogen≤15mg/l and phosphate≤0.5mg/l.
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