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In 1991, it was it was renamed “Zhucheng Papermaking Machinery Plant” from Zhucheng Sanhe Papermaking Co., Ltd.
In 1993, it co-established “Zhucheng Ridong Machinery Co., Ltd.” with Hong Kong Ridong Enterprise Group.
From 1993 to 2001, it obtained several provincial and state honors and patents.
In Jun. 2001, it was reconstructed to establish “Zhucheng Jinridong Papermaking Machinery Co., Ltd.”.
In Mar. 2007, it separately established “Zhucheng Ridong Beiteer Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.” in order to meet the market needs, meaning “Ridong becomes better”.
In Dec. 2008, it was listed as the title of “China AAA-level Enterprise in Quality, Service and Credit”.
In Dec. 2008, “Ridong Beiteer” was appraised as “China Famous Brand”.
In Jul. 2009, it was renamed “Zhucheng Beiteer Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.”.
In Nov. 2009, it was ISO 9000 Quality Management System certified.
In Dec. 2009, it was listed as “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise”.
In 2010, it obtained the qualification on engineering design and construction and undertook sewage treatment projects.