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The company advocates humanized management system, with the hope of providing staff with an equal, orderly, efficient and comfortable work atmosphere, and asks staff to abide by corporate rules and regulations and have the courage to assume risks besides their own work, and control the process and finish work of high quality oriented to project, customers and results. Our culture can be summarized into the following aspects:
Our Mission:
By means of advanced technology and knowledge, build up a first-class service team, promote the development of China’s environmental protection industry, and develop into a leading enterprise in environmental protection equipment filed to bring a profitable return to customers and staff.
Our Philosophy
To Be First-rate Better
Product Concept
Pollution Solution, Create Perfection
Service Concept
Customer Satisfaction
Corporate Culture:
Oriented to Project and Customers
We will try our best to:
Listen to and respond to our customers and suppliers
Make clear intentions and expectations of the both sides
Develop and innovate competitive products and services
Let all people work and cooperate with us more relaxed
Become the first supplier of customers
Assume Risks:
We will strive to:
Honor innovative thinking
Promote reform and challenge the current situations
Listen to all ideas and opinions
Learn from our success and failure
Encourage to assume the risks of stratagem ensuring success
A Good Choice for Work and Career Development
We will strive to:
Be honest, straightforward, frank and forthright
Encourage to develop our staff and team in a challenging work environment
Determine work objective and requirements through excellent communication
Advocate teamwork spirit and mutual trust in work
Praise and reward achievements obtained in work
Manage behavior and achievements of staff fairly 
Regard Discipline
We will strive to:
Develop our career in the spirit of intransigent honesty and professionalism
Maintain safe and clean working environment
Work out and complete work objectives
Work out programs, provide resources and allocate human resources appropriately for every project
Pay attention to all details
Faithfully implement all instructions of the superior with disagreements kept back  
Oriented to Results, Control Process
We will strive to:
Set challenging objectives for oneself
Focus attention on how to get work results, strictly control process
Shoulder responsibilities actively
Conduct constructive confrontation to solve problems
Execute higher-up’s instructions and work plan in a higher quality impartially 
We will strive to:
Perfect quality standard and performance criteria
Make good deed better
Keep continuous learning and make progress
Feel proud of our own job and the company
Requirements for All Staff:
1.Responsibility (We make selection and action autonomously, and shall take the responsibilities)
2. Constructive confrontation (Speak for oneself or opinions in an appropriate manner at a suitable time on the genuine and believable basis)
3. Summarization (Value facts, pay attention to job and enable to receive information, knowledge and feedback in connection with value, objective and plan actively, review the inner world when learning about the outer world, so that you can work without blindness)
4.Objective (Work out short-term and long-term objectives in life or work, and affirm the actions to realize the objectives, organize resources and supervise whether to change plan)
5.Promise (Keep words and action consistent, honor promises more but less profit, achieve our values through practical actions)
6.Sharing (Share value of organization with all staff, and personal experience and ability with all staff)